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Another Hijack Plot >>> This time in Britain.

Positive Side Of Asian Earthquake? >>> After al-Qaeda praised Hurricane Katrina as an Act of Allah, what might they think about this?

Identifying Bali Suicide Bombers >>> *WARNING-GRAPHIC IMAGES*


Operation Saratoga - Week One >>> With over 750 arrests, the amount of intelligence from Saratoga looks to be enormous, and will no doubt lead to other raids and operations.

Fallujah Operation Kills Terror Facilitator >>> At the very least, it appears that a potential suicide bombing was averted. The eight arrests are also helpful.



Jamaat ul-Fuqra >>> Gates of Vienna has a startling investigation into what could be one of several home-grown terror cells in America. More on JF here.

University of Oklahoma Suicide Bombing >>> A story that has gotten much coverage in the blogging community while very little in the MSM has gotten a little more interesting with the discovery of a large explosives stockpile and radical Islamic documents in the student's apartment. Since the media has neglected to report this story, a visit to Wikipedia will fill you in on what happened.

Bombs At Georgia Tech
>>> Hot on the heels of the University of Oklahoma suicide bombing of October 1st and Friday's discovery of a bomb near UCLA, comes another explosive device on a college campus.


Caffeine Gum For Soldiers >>> And the question on the minds of every energy-drink junkie: Will this gum ever be commerically available?

XM-25 Begins Testing >>> As versatile a weapon as this is, 18 pounds is far too heavy for combat operations, especially those in an urban environment. Lighten the load and this thing will be a dream for any infantry squad.



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