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Bush Finally Calls It What It Is >>> Daniel Pipes sums up the argument against the 'War on Terror' nomenclature quite well. Terrorism is a military tactic, and 'declaring war' on it is like 'declaring war' on a flanking maneuver or an amphibious landing. The enemy is radical Islam, AKA Islamists, Jihadists, Islamo-fascists, or what have you. This war has been going on for 26 years now and we've been fighting back for four of them, and only after we were hit hard on 9/11 and realized that this is not a simple law-enforcement issue. President Bush presents a surprisingly descriptive and in-depth
look (for Bush, that is) at who the enemy really is, just four years too late.

Jihad In Egypt >>> Security Watchtower has a look into recent developments in Egypt with a few posts dating back to March 2005. Since the July 2005 Sharm el-Sheikh bombings, Egypt has been at the top of the Jihad Hit List, especially considering Ayman al-Zawahiri's background in the country and his remarks about it.

Summary Of Recent Operations >>> The Fourth Rail has an in-depth description of each operation of the Anbar Campaign, as well as a finely crafted flash presentation at the bottom of the post. Click on it for an visual look at the past few weeks of action.

Cat And Mouse
>>> A inside look at the tactics of insurgent mortar attacks and Coalition response. Note that the article is repeated twice, but is still as interesting the second time around!

Still A Dangerous Place >>> But nowhere near as dangerous as it used to be.

B-1 Gets A Boost >>> The B-1 is a superb aircraft, and will continue to prove it's worth for the next several decades as it has in the past. However, Congress shouldn't be the ones deciding whether to keep it or toss it. While this is an example of Congress getting it right, more often than not they don't and money gets wasted.

Anti-Torpedo Device >>> Sounds like a great idea. Of course, the people who are upset about the effects of sonar tests on marine animals will have a fit with this. But there are a few points worth mentioning: The effect of the acoustic shock wave on nearby animals is surely less than the detonation of a torpedo. Furthermore, the environmental devastation of a sunken submarine or aircraft carrier and the resulting fuel and chemical leaks would be monumental. In terms of the lesser evil, the choice is clear.


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