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Bali Bombing - Part Two >>> While this was not exactly on the exact third anniversary of the first Bali bombings, which took place on Oct. 12th 2002, both bombings did occur on an early Saturday in October.


Operation Iron Fist >>> The Fourth Rail has the details on the first day of Iron Fist and how it's only one piece of a larger operation known as 'Operation Hunter', which will include other towns on the Iraqi-Syrian border and establish a Coalition presence between al Qa'im and Haditha along Highway 12, the major pipeline of foreign fighters from Syria.

Map Of Iraq Attacks >>> CENTCOM has provided this lovely map of attacks in Iraq by province and intensity. Note the attacks are mainly in Baghdad and up Highways 1 and 4 (north to Samarra and Ba'quba) and 12 (west to Ramadi). Mosul, up north, is still hot, and the yellow spot west of it is Tal Afar. The attack spot on the Syrian border is al Qa'im. It's worth pointing out that though it looks like the entire al Anbar province is under attack, no one lives in most of the province except near the Euphrates, so it looks worse than it is because of it's size.

Army Recruitment Distortion >>> There are two points that are worth repeating here: 1. Army re-enlistment "remained highest among units who saw the fiercest combat." 2. "For the year, more than 250,000 Americans enlisted for the first time in the United States Armed Forces."

Unnecessary Super-Jet Enters Production >>> Do we really need the F-22?

NSA Trick For Sale? >>> How often does this happen?


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