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Terror Warning In India >>> Not specific, but it's worth noting that every major terror attack has had some sort of warning like this one that preceded it. Most of them don't pan out, but enough of them do to warrant some degree of caution. You never really know for sure.

Five Years Later
>>> Yet another warning sign on the road to 9/11.

Al-Libbi's Importance Confirmed >>> There was much debate over whether or not his May 2005 capture in Pakistan was that big of a deal. Now we find out that Zawahiri certainly thinks so. Also worth mentioning is the revelation that Zawahiri is asking Zarqawi for money! Unless this is some sort of required payment on Zarqawi's part, it seems to indicate that al Qaeda is in a bit of a squeeze.

England Fights Back >>> Jamaat ul-Fuqra, the American based Jihadist group (which Gates of Vienna detailed in a post earlier this week that I linked to) is one of those 15 groups now banned in the UK. Of course, they continue to operate with impunity in the United States.


Operation River Gate >>> They find weapons and ammo caches everyday over there, but this one is particularly staggering in both size and the type of munitions involved.

ISF Hits 200,000 >>> The 270,000 goal is projected for July or August 2006, but at the current rate of growth (about 10,000 new troops a month) they should get there around May or June.

Constitution Compromise >>> No constitutional amendments for the first eight years? Of course that's a bad idea! No wonder the Sunnis were opposed!

Life In The 'Stan >>> Belmont Club has a great piece on the development of Afghanistan, and the small military footprint that made it possible.


OU Suicide Bombing - What We Know>>> Given that the MSM has pretty much avoided reporting this story, there is little concrete information to stand on, and even this blog has reported information that wasn't 100% solid. (A thousand apologies, and I did make the necessary corrections.) The Counterterrorism Blog sorts it out.

Nuclear Reactors Open To Attack >>> This story is just breaking and is the result of a four-month long ABC News investigation into the security of several nuclear reactors on US college campuses. The results are appalling. The full report will air on ABC's 'Primetime' on Thursday, October 13th. I will continue to look into the story and post any additional information as soon as I find it and it is deemed credible.

Stryker Proves Itself >>> For an even more in-depth look at Strykers in use in Iraq (specifically in the Mosul area) read some of Michael Yon's reports from Iraq.

Recruiters Offering Free iTunes Downloads
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