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The Not-So-Great Ramadan Offensive >>> Even more so than with the January elections, the insurgents failed to create a serious disruption on voting day, and the result was astounding. Once again, the ISF took the main role in providing security for polling places, while Coalition troops pretty much sat back and watched. With a touch of sarcasm, Bill Roggio lists (in it's entirety) the extent of insurgent attacks on Saturday.

Ramadi >>> Also from Bill Roggio's Fourth Rail. Note the sheer number (around 70) of insurgents killed in airstrikes near Ramadi. The level of enemy concentration means one of three things: Either they were too ignorant to spread themselves out and were killed en masse because of it (highly unlikely given the common knowledge of Coalition air capabilities) or perhaps these were the only areas safe for insurgents to operate in and they were forced to group together (equally unlikely) or the third and most probable
explanation is that Ramadi is so infested with insurgents that such a high concentration is simply typical of the area.

Iraqi Referendum Statistics >>> Security Watchtower has an excellent list of the results and turnout of Saturday's vote in Iraq. Make sure to read it carefully. The Constitution appears to have been overwhelmingly approved and it's worth mentioning that turnout in Fallujah (yes the same Fallujah gutted by the USMC in November 2004) was 77 precent! Not only is this a sign of enormous progress in a newly-democratic Iraq, but it is a well-deserved slap in the face of the American people, who couldn't get a 77 percent turnout to decide whether or not we should all move to Siberia.

Iraqi Insurgent Demographics >>> Once again, Security Watchtower has an extremely well put together map of the major insurgent groups in Iraq. Note how AQI appears to be streaming in from Syria.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra Locations >>> JF in America is turning out to be one of the most explosive revelations of World War IV and is being fueled by the blogging community alone. I covered it some last week and intend to do so with great intensity in the future. This particular post from The Politics of CP details the purported locations of JF compounds within the United States.

JF in Colorado >>> Another excellent post at the Politics of CP detailing one of the Jamaat ul-Fuqra compounds mentioned in the link above near Buena Vista, CO.


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