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>>> The CT Blog has an interesting piece on the new chief of the UK Terror Task Force. If this is true, how did Blair miss this one?


ISF Carries Out 1,000 Missions Alone >>> Though only a few of these missions are serious raids, it's important to recognize that the ISF has organized itself to run the lower-level operations just as well. It can be easy to just focus on kicking down doors and shooting/arresting people, but patrolling the local street and running traffic checkpoints is just as important. This is an excellent example of the logistical capability achieved by the ISF.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra in South Carolina >>> First Gates of Vienna reveals the suspected JF compound in Red House, Virginia. A few days later, The Politics of CP posts a detailed map of JF activities and compounds inside the United States. Soon after, CP brings it on with post detailing the purported JF compound in Colorado. Yesterday: California. Today: South Carolina. Tomorrow: ???

F-22 Deploys to Utah
>>> We'll see how it goes from here. The F-22 is such a nice plane but, as I've stated before, it is extremely impractical in our current military situation. When we go to war with another military superpower it will perform wonderfully, but not until then. Here's hoping we never have to use the thing....


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