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Iraqi Referendum Results >>> Dan Darling at Winds of Change has an excellent look at the situation surrounding the results of the Iraqi referendum and urges everybody to wait and see, instead of jump to conclusions.

Iraqi Constitution is Bad News? >>> Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch presents a more ominous take on the new Iraqi constitution and its (unsurprising) adherence to Islam.

Inside the Iraqi Navy >>> With all the focus on the land-based ISF, there has been little mention of their sea-faring comrades, which seem to be doing well.
Note that they have been independent of Coalition command since May, and are recruiting and training their own personnel. Arguably the most important job of the ISF is to defend the Iraqi oil terminals that handle roughly 87% of the country's economy, with 80% coming from the al-Basra Oil Terminal alone (For more details on this under-reported aspect of Iraqi security, read Michael Yon's post Walking the Line II.)

Another AQI Lieutenant Down? >>> It is unknown how solid this information is, and whether Sa'ad Ali Firas was really a high-level insurgent or not, but regardless of his rank he won't be killing people anymore. Security Watchtower has the details.


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