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Report on Hariri Assassination Edited >>> The report was apparently edited after it was decided to make it public, and this article of the Seattle PI seems to reveal the un-edited text.

More On UN Report >>> Security Watchtower has the executive summary of the Mehlis Report.

CT in Southeast Asia >>> A basic overview of the ongoing security efforts in one of the most ignored fronts of World War IV.

Following the Money In Iraq >>> This report sheds some light on reported desertions, the capture of Yasir Ibrahim, and polling place security.

5th Man Arrested in Baltimore >>> Very few details on this threat have emerged but, like the NYC subway alert, local officials believed that the specific information involved neccessitated an increase in security. The individuals were arrested on imigration violations and will be deported.


Fighter Jets Pulling Recon
>>> This hardly seems like an efficient use of aircraft given the maintenance and fueling costs, but it has to be done. At the very least, it allows pilots to keep up on their flying.



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