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Ramadan at Guantanamo
>>> Point Blank makes a great point, and he'd be hard pressed to find anybody who would take that bet.


Ramadi Insurgency >>> The important thing to remember is that the city is nowhere near as infested with enemy fighters as Fallujah was before November 2004, and that a little over a week ago Fallujah had a 77% turnout for the referendum. Also worth noting is Roggio's prediction that Ramadi will be 'dealt with' by the end of November in preparation for the December 15th parliamentary elections. We'll see if he's right.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra HQ in New York >>> The Politics of CP has another look at a JF compound, this time it's the group's headquarters.

More on JF and Gilani
>>> CP has some background info on JF founder Shiekh Gilani and a man named Khalid Khawaja. The bin Laden connection is extremely interesting but besides the point: Not all terrorists are part of al-Qaeda, but they're still the enemy in this war.


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