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Palestine Hotel Bombing >>> John Robb has a excellent look at the perfectly-staged media grab of yesterday's bombings in Baghdad. This was a brilliantly-staged attack by the insurgents, who not only managed to get all three detonations on camera, but set up the attack to coincide with the 2,000th US military death in Iraq, which will give them even more face time in the MSM. The effect will be multiplied on TV cable news, where MSNBC, FOX and Chicken Noodle News will run the video incessantly.

Another Look
>>> Roggio has the goods on the Palestine Hotel attack as well. Check the maps for the tactical details of how it all went down.

Elsewhere In Iraq >>> More Roggio. The Wild West of Iraq has yet to be tamed, but there is without a doubt a new sheriff in town.

Remember That Constitution Thing?
>>> Turnout: 63%. Percentage in Favor: 78%. As I have stated repeatedly, in the United States of America, The World-Renowned Herald of Democracy, those numbers would be impossible.


Weekly Standard on JF >>> Politics of CP had the link on a 2002 Weekly Standard article concerning Jamaat ul-Fuqra. Read the whole thing.


US Navy's LCS >>> There is an exhaustive list of additional links and resources at the bottom of the article. Be sure to check those out.


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