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Iran Calls For Israel's Destruction >>> When people ask why Israel can have nuclear weapons and Iran can't, it's because Israel would never make a statement like this.

New Website For Terrorism Research
>>> There are several interesting powerpoint presentations, and an open forum to discuss terrorism-related issues with other readers.

Al-Qaeda Members Harbored In Iran >>> No surprise here. Seems to fit in with Richard Miniter's reports of bin Laden being traveling to Iran in 2002.

Morrocan Jihad
>>> This from another excellent terrorism website.

"We Don't Need Al-Qaeda" >>> A reporter from the Guardian spends five days with a Sunni insurgent leader and his followers in Iraq. The entire article is extremely revealing: The widespread Sunni regret of having boycotted the January elections. Abu Theeb's desire to vote; even using his men to guard the polling station. He harbors a great amount of distrust and rejects Al-Qaeda, their beliefs, and their tactics. His instructions to his men to only set up IEDs outside of a two kilometer radius of the town in order to prevent civilian casualties and an American reprisal. Also worth noting is the Sunni stuffing of ballot boxes, even while some Sunnis claimed the Shi'a did the same thing.


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