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Denmark Arrests Linked To Bosnia >>> Note that all the suspects were between the ages of 16 and 20. As for a motive, Denmark has roughly 500 troops stationed in Iraq.

Jihad Watch Turns Two >>> Robert Spencer's blog is two years old today and, with an average of 400K hits daily, is still going strong. I wish him the best as he continues his extremely relevant work.

Huh? >>> Security Watchtower discovers an interesting inconsistency in the MSM.

IEDs >>> Wretchard has an excellent look at the characteristics of IEDs and their history in conflicts other than Iraq.

Snipers In Iraq >>> This CENTCOM news release highlights the importance of snipers in urban combat. Arguably, there hasn't been a battlefield this suitable for snipers (on both sides) since the Battle of Stalingrad.

Nearly 3,000 Iraqi Police Graduate
>>> You won't find this story in the media, obviously. Note that some of the officers graduated from neighboring Jordan.


Jamming With B-52s >>> 2014? Why will it take nine years to outfit a B-52 with an electronic jamming system?

SF Expands; Revises Training >>> The more than 200% increase in new SF operators is a welcome change from the dwindling numbers they'd seen pre-9/11. The increase of veteran training instructors is also very substantial, as it helps pass along critical knowledge that be would otherwise only be gained through combat.


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