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Bombings In New Delhi >>> So far there has been no claim of responsibility, though it can reasonably be assumed that some type of Jihadist group was behind the attacks.

Iran vs. Israel >>> This is the whole text of President Ahmadinejad's comments concerning Israel.

al-Qaeda Takes A PR Hit >>> An interesting look at public opinion of al-Qaeda, as well as a noteworthy glimpse of Jordanian demographics.

MANPAD Attack In France? >>> Why is the word 'terrorists' in quotations in the title blurb at the top of the page?

Zarqawi's Network Rivals bin-Laden's >>> The culture of terrorism has finally developed its own celebrity, and now bin-Laden has been greatly upstaged by Zarqawi. Whether this was Zarqawi's intention (and what bin Laden thinks about it) is a whole different issue.

US Soldier Killed Hotel Bomber
>>> There is something to be said in the fact that Spc. Green would defend with his life a hotel full of journalists when those very journalists have made very little effort to morally defend the actions and mission of Spc. Green and other soldiers like him.

More On The Basra Prison Break
>>> The amount of restraint demonstrated by the SAS operators is extremely noteworthy. They could have easily defeated the Iraqi police in a shootout, but instead chose to surrender and allow themselves to be tortured in order to save the lives of the Iraqi policemen.

Former al-Qaeda Training Site Abandoned >>> Hopefully one of these camps will be saved and some sort of monument will be built there to signify what it once was.


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