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Muslim Brotherhood vs. The World >>> There is no detail of the actual specific plans of 'The Project', but the basic strategy shines through. Note the connection to Tariq Ramadan, whom I mentioned in a post a little while back concerning the influence of Islam in the United Kingdom.

Nigerian Plane Crash Deliberate?
>>> Douglas Farah has the details on the growing suspicions of the October 22nd crash that killed 117 people. Given that amongst the dead were several regional military and CT officials, as well as an American Special Forces officer, there is certainly a motive for sabotage.

The 'Suitcase Nuke' Myth >>> All you ever wanted to know about portable nuclear weapons and terrorism. An excellent article by Richard Miniter.

Iranian Smuggling Routes >>> While there is no doubt that some sort of 'smuggling routes'
of some kind between Iran and Iraq do exist, the precise locations marked on the map must be taken with a grain of salt.

Gunshot Detectors Improved >>> Though an interesting and apparently effective device, many specifics are unknown, such as its effective range and how well it will work in an urban setting.


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