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While everybody else is talking about Bush's nomination of Harriet Miers to the US Supreme Court, here's what's going on elsewhere:

US Car Theft Linked to Iraqi Car Bombing >>> This could have enormous implications in regards to domestic CT.

Iron Fist - Day 3 >>>Bill Roggio's Fourth Rail is still the only site that is thoroughly detailing Operations Hunter and Iron Fist, a fact that I have communicated to many other blogs and news organizations through e-mails and comments. However, at least in the blogging community, most sites are simply linking to Roggio's because he has consistently provided the most accurate and conclusive detail on Iron Fist and it's importance as a part of Operation Hunter. (To see what I mean, just Google Operation Hunter, and the only relevant thing you'll find is his stuff.) Fourth Rail also has several great pictures and maps to give a better understanding of the geographic detail of the ongoing operations. For instance:

Map of Operation Hunter >>> The area inside the green square labeled 'Beginning of September' is the area of Operation Hunter.

F-22 Effectiveness >>> The F-22 is surely the ultimate air-superiority fighter, but air-superiority is worthless in the current war. When we go to war against an enemy with an air force, the F-22 will be an instrument of beauty, and several mythological comparisons immediately come to mind, but in World War IV, where air-to-air combat is non-existent, the F-22 has as much military value as a catapult.


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