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Operation River Gate Update >>> The portion concerning media inaccuracy is especially interesting.

Iraqi Army Strength >>> The Belmont Club has an excellent post concerning the recent reports of Iraqi Battalion strength.

Najaf, Karbala, Now Baghdad >>> Be sure to check out the map of Baghdad in the post.

Popular Support For Iraqi Constitution >>> The poll numbers stated here (79% in favor) are astounding. Here in the United States, we couldn't even get 79% in favor of our own Constitution!

Organization of Al Qaeda in Iraq >>> Make sure to view the chart (it's a PDF file) and note the color coding on the bottom right.

The Terrorist Hierarchy >>> Having viewed the above chart, read this article VERY CAREFULLY. This is a complex and often misunderstood issue, and Mr. Darling does a very thorough job of detailing it. I am furthermore considering this article 'Required Reading' for anybody who wishes to discuss the vagaries of al Qaeda and it's sub-cultures without becoming a victim of their own ignorance.



Basic Summary of Recent Events >>> Seems remarkably peaceful. The US is starting to pull their troops out and NATO will probably take the wheel soon.



Counter-Sniper Robot >>> Similar to a device currently mounted on many US Humvees in Iraq.

More Guided Weapons >>> No surprise here.


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