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Operation Saratoga >>> Fourth Rail has the details. Make sure to study the maps.

Iron Fist/River Gate Update >>> Fourth Rail again.

How Disappointing >>> This could have been a very gracious gesture on the part of the Swiss. However, it's not all bad news for the Iraqi procurement effort: Hungary recently donated 77 T-72 tanks to the new Iraqi Army, allowing them to form their first post-Saddam armored brigade.

Pentagon Finally Does the Right Thing >>> Somebody dropped the ball on this one, and fortunately for the Pentagon and the soldiers on the ground, they changed their mind. The Pentagon's failure to deliver adequate equipment to the men on the ground (forcing them to buy it themselves) while spending BILLIONS to produce impractical space-age stealth fighters and restructure the entire US Army is one of the biggest black marks of the Iraq War.

This Is Why You Wear Body Armor (VIDEO) >>> This is actual video shot by the insurgents, which is becoming more and more common as they seek to use the videos of successful attacks as propaganda. Even more remarkable is what happened afterwards.

White House Spy? >>> No one seems to be mentioning that the alleged espionage took place AFTER this guy had left the White House and was working for the FBI as a high-ranking intelligence analyst. He was an FBI spy --not a White House spy-- as much as the MSM would like to make him out to be. Check the dates, people!

So Long, F-14 >>> Everyone who's ever seen Top Gun knows this plane. It was one of the finest pieces of combat equipment ever produced.

Uh-huh >>> This one made me laugh. But at least the F-35 could serve some sort of purpose in our current military operations, unlike the F-22.

Sniper Teamwork >>> Sounds delicious, as long as it doesn't cost too much.


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