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10 Arrested in Britain

CT In Eastern Africa



Operation River Gate Update >>> Note the seizure of the al Qaeda bomb factory and propaganda equipment.

UK / Iran Rift Getting Wider >>> This is one of the major first indications that Iran is actively fueling the Iraqi insurgency, at least in southern Iraq. Up until now, the major concern of outside influence was from Syria, with the few rumors of Iranian involvement being unconfirmed. Common perception held that Shi'a Iran was closely allied with the newly Shi'a Iraq, which seemed feasible on the surface but declined to consider the brutal 1980's war and the resulting hatred that still sits fresh in the minds of people in both countries.

One Week Until The Vote >>> The 'no vehicle rule' on Election Day will make a huge difference, as the largest mass-casualty weapon the insurgents have is the VBIED. Expect a few more human suicide bombers and maybe more mortars than normal, but if January's election was any indication, the vote should be fairly peaceful. Also, considering how well it worked in January, the Coalition has no doubt set up more fake polling sites to draw fire from the real ones.

Photos >>> Photos from Operations Iron Fist and River Gate. These photos were all taken within a few miles each other, yet note the various types of terrain that needs to be taken into account for any sort of military operation.


Lasers For The F-22 >>> Not if, but when....

Concrete Vs. Concrete >>> Probably the most under-reported effort to minimize civilian casualties. Most people think this is just a joke, but anyone who's taken a high school physics class knows the amount of kinetic energy involved with one of these things is off the charts.

All Hail The Bradley >>> Arguably the most versatile urban combat tool in the military arsenal, the Bradley gets nowhere near the level of attention of other vehicles such as the M1 Abrams tank or Humvee.



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