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Happy Birthday, USMC. Semper fi! >>> Jesse

Al-Qaeda Claims Amman Attacks >>> No surprise here. There is also a report floating around that three Iraqi nationals have been arrested, but at this point there is no evidence to conclusively prove this.

Jordanians Stunned >>> A little while back, I posted a link detailing the decline of al-Qaeda's public support in the Muslim world, specifically the Middle East. Jordan was the only country where public support of al-Qaeda had increased. All that changed on Wednesday.

Israelis Evacuated Before Bombings >>> Whether this is accurate or not is unknown, but it is disturbing that only the Israelis would be evacuated. Even if they were the target, other people were just as easily killed by the bombs. Death does not respect the boundaries of nationality, sex, race, or religion.

But You Didn't Evacuate This Guy?
>>> This is awfully ironic....

Australian Arrests >>> It is still unclear what the targets were, but the rivalry between the Melbourne group and the Sydney group is quite interesting. At the very least, it forced the Melbourne cell to rush their plans, possibly tipping their hand and allowing the Australian government either the reason or the ability to take them down.

On To Karabilah >>> Note the strategy of US and ISF troops was to first take Sa'dah, the eastern-most of the three towns, then skip to the western-most, Husaybah. That leaves Karabilah in between the two of them, allowing a greater range of motion for the Coalition assault.

Insurgency Split Widens >>> While at first glance this looks like the Sunni vs. Shi'a civil war we've been promised, both of these groups are Sunni. Also, though this seems like a positive development for the Coalition and Iraq as a whole, any sort of open combat in the streets of Iraq is a losing situation for everybody. Sure, it's great that the insurgents are killing each other off, but we don't need anymore stray bullets and RPGs adding to the civilian casualties in Iraq. Whether they died under Coalition or insurgent fire is beside the point, because at the end of the day the United States will be blamed for the death of every Iraqi civilian since they first invaded, whether they were actually responsible for it or not. After all, it was the United States that brought the war to Iraq.


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