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For every man and woman who has ever lived and died in the United States Armed Forces at home and abroad, thank you for your service and your sacrifice. >>> Jesse

120 Arrested In Jordan >>> 120 people is an awful lot in two days and likely means one of two things: Either the Jordanian security forces are grabbing anybody who arouses the slightest suspicion, or they already had a list of people with terrorist connections and just hadn't arrested them yet. Choose your poison.

Zarqawi Hometown Reacts
>>> It seems ludicrous that Zarqawi would attack the only Middle Eastern country where support for his organization has increased, but remember the response that al-Qaeda received after the Madrid bombings: Spain pulled their troops out of Iraq and al-Qaeda chalked up the victory. Jordan is lending a great deal of support to the United States' efforts in Iraq and therefore is a prime target for al-Qaeda, so Zarqawi's efforts are easily understood, flawed though they may be. Al-Qaeda does not understand that most of the Western world reacts to terrorism by fighting against it, and their victory in Madrid only added to the confusion.

More On Jordanian Reaction >>> Bill Roggio has his take on the Amman bombings, as well as an interesting theory: Perhaps Zarqawi struck in Amman because his ability to launch attacks in Iraq has been negated by US and ISF operations in that country.

Ramadi >>> Look for Ramadi to take center stage as Insurgent City of the Year in 2006, just as Fallujah was in 2004 and Mosul in 2005.

Al-Douri Dead? >>> This is NOT confirmed, and false reports of al-Douri's death have surfaced in the past as he is reportedly suffering from leukemia. Al-Douri is said to have a large influence over the Iraqi insurgency, having been chosen to oversee it by Saddam himself just before the 2003 invasion of Coalition forces.


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