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Syria Feels The Heat >>> The exchange between Straw and al-Sharaa is quite interesting. No word on whether the UN response to Syrian non-compliance will be an actual resolution stating their displeasure or simply a note.

The Myth Of Cheap Terrorism >>> An extremely well-written article by Joshua Prober about the various financial aspects of not only pulling off a bombing, but training the operatives responsible and establishing the infrastructure for their attack to be successful.

The Cicero Articles >>> These articles, published by the German magazine Cicero, examine the threat of Iran's radical Islamists with great detail. Note that portions are of the second article are first quoted in German, but if you scroll down you will find the English translation. The two articles together are a good deal of reading, but they are certainly revealing enough to be worth the time.

Animals >>> Bill Roggio lets loose on the morally reprehensible tactics of the Iraqi insurgency.

Ba'quba >>> Another textbook example of how things are getting better in Iraq and nobody is talking about it.

Small Unit Tactics In The 'Stan >>> Once again, technology and combined arms make it possible.


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