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Iranian Nuclear Program >>> An extensive overview of the Iranian nuclear situation. It is extremely important that the intelligence failure regarding Iraq not be allowed to interfere with the Iranian issue. They are two separate weapons programs and failures in identifying the first should not be assumed to indicate failures regarding the second.

Released Guantanamo Detainee Involved In Nalchik Attacks >>> Sure, one can easily use this story to further the view that
though the Guantanamo system is nowhere-near a sound solution, the people being held there are indeed dangerous and should be imprisoned. However, I would like to go a different route: Why did the US release this individual in the first place?

Zarqawi's Reckless Strategy >>> It would interesting to hear what Ayman al-Zawahiri thinks of the Jordan attacks given his recent displeasure at the public relations shortcomings of Zarqawi's other tactics, such as the Iraqi beheadings. It is quite possible that Zarqawi is running his own rogue group within al-Qaeda; a fanatical splinter group of an already fanatical terrorist organization.

Hungarian T-72s Arrive In Iraq
>>> This is both a fine example of generosity towards Iraq from other countries and a testament to the spirit of the new Iraqi military units.


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