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Iraqi Woman's Bomb Failed To Explode >>> It is interesting that not only did al-Qaeda have knowledge of the Amman bombings before they occurred, but they tipped their hand by revealing so much information afterwards. They admitted that a husband and wife team were responsible for one of the bombings without realizing that the wife's bomb had failed to go off. Acting on the information, Jordanian authorities quickly arrested her.

New Delhi 'Mastermind' Arrested >>> The New Delhi bombings have been widely reported as an al-Qaeda attack, which is erroneous. Al-Qaeda is just a fraction of the worldwide terror network of militant Islam but they get the most media attention, given their high-profile attacks like 9/11. The organization behind this attack was a little-known Kashmiri group, but the attack was still quite devastating.

Saudi Suicide Bombers In Iraq >>> While the actual percentage of Saudi involvement is unknown, it is not surprising to hear that it may be quite high. Suicide bombers in Iraq have come from all over the world, even France.


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