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Women Suicide Bombers
>>> Apparently the woman arrested in Jordan could know a great deal of information about Zarqawi's terror network. Hopefully the Jordanians didn't jeopardize any potential CT response by publicizing her arrest so quickly after the bombing. As with any CT operation, there always is (or at least should be) a delay between the capture of an individual and the public declaration of said capture. Once the suspect has been interrogated and all relevant information has been gathered and acted on, then the announcement can take place. Failure to wait may allow additional individuals who could have been captured/killed with the new intelligence to escape to safety. Then again, maybe she knew nothing, and therefore the Jordanians saw no harm in publicizing her arrest. In CT, everything is double-edged sword.

Al-Qaeda Gets New MANPADs >>> This is bad news no matter how you look at it.

Steel Curtain Continues >>> Steel Curtain has pretty much fallen below the radar screen of the media, but it's still alive and kicking. More at Security Watchtower. Make sure to check out the maps.

Thermobaric Weapons In Urban Combat >>> Mr. Hambling's assessment is spot-on. If the military refuses to talk about these kinds of weapons it defaults the information to the media, which is more than happy to do the talking for them. Almost all of the time the media screws it up, as the link below will demonstrate. The military needs to get out there and explain what these weapons are how they are used. More importantly, they need to make it clear what they AREN'T, and how they ARE NOT used.

White Phosphorus, Yellow Journalism >>> A excellent and informed perspective on the WP uproar. This story is just one more example of what happens when you combine ideology with ignorance of military doctrine and technology. The reason I post on defense and technology issues is so that this garbage doesn't find any more fertile ground than it has to. I have zero military experience, yet I could run Juan Cole into the ground talking about white phosphorus or any other aspect of the military, and he's the accomplished scholar. Go figure.


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