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The Mayor Of Ar Rutbah >>> In April 2003, with just $3,000 and 14 days, a US Special Forces company of roughly 72 men established a functioning democracy in a town of 25,000 people in the western frontier of Iraq. (see map) Taking place before the now-infamous Iraqi insurgency had even materialized, the success in Ar Rutbah is a story that would not be replicated until nearly two years afterwards. Unfortunately, the city now has a moderate insurgent presence, although the article's claim that it is now 'overrun with foreign insurgents' is quite a stretch. Though the city is still under Coalition and Iraqi control, it appears there is more work to be done in Ar Rutbah.

The Butcher Of Basra >>> An insiders perspective on Saddam's Iraq, as well a potential lead concerning the WMD debacle.


Australia Chooses F-35 >>> Their decision making process helps shed some light on the differences between modern fighter aircraft, and the cost disparity between the F-22 and F-35 is surprisingly large.


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