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Egypt >>> The number of 48 reported suspects--11 killed and 37 arrested--is an awful lot for one attack, considering the 9/11 attacks were planned and carried out by roughly 35-40 people.

>>> Yet another example of former Guantanamo detainees stirring up trouble. The screening process at Gitmo needs some serious review. Now.

Fallujah: One Year Later
>>> Note the correlation between unemployment and violence. Also, Col. Berger presents an interesting view concerning the number of US military trainers working with the ISF: that less could be more. For a look at Fallujah this time last year, view this excellent video.

Depleted Uranium >>> Like the white phosphorus uproar, there are plenty of misconceptions about depleted uranium and any negative health effects it may have.

Nineteen Types of UAVs In Iraq >>> Note the reference to on-board weapons systems, specifically energy weapons. Sure this is ten years out, but science fiction keeps getting closer to reality.

How To Down An F-117 >>> This is why technology, though it makes an impact, will never be as important as training, initiative, and imagination.


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