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Sorry, I Couldn't Resist >>> While this is certainly a little tongue-in-cheek, it is quite interesting that while there is a massive democratic revolution underway in Iraq, there are riots in Paris. I'll just let this one speak for itself.

Anbar Campaign Update >>> There seems to be a slow-but-steady war of attrition being mounted against al-Qaeda fighters in Western Iraq. Every day brings another two-or-three captured or killed, many of them in some sort of leadership capacity. While not very substantial in their own right, they do add up quickly.

Raven UAV Draws Praise >>> There are several good links at the bottom of the page with additional information on UAVs, including their use in combat zones such as Fallujah.

XM-8 Cancelled? >>> While the XM-8 is a superb weapon, recent experience in Iraq and Afghanistan have raised serious questions about the effectiveness (meaning stopping power) of the 5.56mm round. ***PREDICTION ALERT*** Look for the XM-8 to make a comeback in the new 6.8mm Remington cartridge.

Marines Get SOF >>> No word yet on how this will affect the USMC's Force Reconnaissance and the other various special teams they operate.


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