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Assassination Plot Conviction
>>> For the conspiracy theorists out there, chew on this: He was born and raised in Falls Church, VA. Now, there is purportedly a Jamaat ul-Fuqra compound located in Falls Church. Connection? Put on your tin-foil hats, get online, and see what you can find!

Ramadi >>> As the provincial capital of the Anbar province, Ramadi signifies the last major stronghold--if you can call it that--of insurgent activity. Note the force deployment of Operation Bruins is roughly 450 US Marines and ISF forces, an example of the increasingly smaller--and therefore more agile--strike forces that make up the more localized precision operations that are becoming more and more common--finally--in Iraq. Also, Ramadi is significantly larger than Fallujah, yet a large combined-arms assault is not necessary.

Steel Curtain Wraps Up >>> Security Watchtower has an in-depth look at the accomplishments of Steel Curtain, as well as links to their daily coverage of it.

The Foreign Fighters Debate >>> Evan Kohlmann at The Counterterrorism Blog has a thorough and well-balanced (read: free of partisan nonsense) look at the issue of foreign fighters in Iraq. There are several links within his post that are worth following. Don't worry, a little reading won't spoil the long weekend ahead of you. It may even give you something to talk about with your family as you gorge yourself with turkey and pumpkin pie tomorrow....

Iraqi Air Force? >>> Yeah, this could use some work. But as a matter of priority, an Air Force really isn't that important. In fact, New Zealand and the Philippines have ditched theirs.

Exit Strategy
>>> Armed Liberal at Winds of Change has an excellent example of how we should be framing the issue of withdrawing our troops from Iraq.


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