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Iran Training Chechen Fighters
>>> With the degree of suspicion between Moscow and Tehran escalating, the Russian proposal concerning Iran's nuclear program may be falling apart. Add the allegation of Iranian involvement in training Chechen fighters, this only deepens the rift.

Gumbad Investigation Concludes >>> Compared to the uproar that was created when this incident was first reported, the investigation has garnered very little press, and even those reports have been trivial and unfocused.

Building The Iraqi Army >>> While the Iraqis might not be lucky enough to get any M-1s, any American leftovers would be a substantial contribution to their growing military.

Lions, Tigers, And Bears, Oh My! >>> After Operations Panthers, Bruins, and Lions, Operation Tigers targets the eastern districts of Ramadi. As mentioned before, the strategy in Ramadi is to bring the city to a 'slow-boil' with a number of precision operations rather than a massive Fallujah-type assault. We'll see if it works.


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