World War IV Daily




Bangladesh >>> Largely ignored by the media, Bangladesh is certainly on the front lines of WWIV. Several attacks have occurred in the span of a few months, including one that involved nearly 500 bombs in 50 cities.

Fawaz Damra >>> While this shouldn't reflect negatively on the other signatories, it is certainly an embarrassing revelation and a mark on the fatwa's credibility.

Cross-Pollination In Iraq >>> Another example of how CT is a double-edged sword.

How Organized Crime Pays For Terror
>>> This is a long article, but you aren't a coward, are you?

Belgian Woman Conducts Suicide Attack >>> While this is the first documented case of a European suicide bomber, there are many more Europeans conducting non-suicide attacks in-theater, and many of them have been killed.

Sex And Iraq >>> Certainly the moral trappings of Islam would be an obstacle to this kind of behavior, but as they said, 'Why screw up a great recruiting incentive?'


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