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Belgium Arrests 14 >>> These individuals were already under surveillance, yet the female suicide bomber managed to slip away to carry out her attack near Baghdad in early November.

Combined Forces
>>> Bill Roggio details his experiences with the new Iraqi forces and makes it clear that they are certainly a diverse group. He also reports on Operation Iron Hammer in Hit, and the transfer of a US base near the Syrian border to ISF forces.

Coalition Propaganda In Iraq >>> David Axe's point is worth repeating: "A couple bad apples don't represent the entire Coalition infowar effort."

The Plan >>> This is it, in PDF format. For those of you tired hearing that there is no exit strategy from Iraq, here is your rebuttal: The National Strategy For Victory In Iraq. Whether it works or not remains to be seen, but the plan itself exists. So shut up.

MANPADs >>> All you ever wanted to know about a simple device that will one day bring down a US passenger jet--if it hasn't already--courtesy of the US State Department.


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