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Key al-Qaeda Figure Arrested >>> It's interesting to note that while US officials claim he was arrested in Pakistan, Pakistani authorities say they aren't aware of any arrests. Sounds like a CIA snatch-and-grab.

Riots Continue In Paris >>> It's important to recognize that the rioters are Muslims and that this is a much bigger issue than the accidental death of two teenagers.

And In Denmark >>> More on the Paris riots and those in Denmark from Winds of Change.

ISF Reaches 210,000 >>> Note that if the current trend continues, the 270K mark will be met ahead of schedule.

Five Muslim Men Detained At Stadium >>> Five people, who
happened to be Muslims, congregating next to the main air duct of a stadium full of 80,000 people and a former President. Even if they were just praying, how stupid can you be? And why wasn't this area sealed off?

Jamaat ul-Fuqra >>> Politics of CP has the details on a notable JF associate, named Clement Rodney Hampton-El.

More Praise For The Stryker >>> The debate over the Stryker continues to rage, even after good reviews from those who used them in Iraq.


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