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Paris Riots Expand >>> Wretchard provides some excellent analysis of how widespread the riots are and what the French government is doing about it.

Al-Qaeda Cell Disrupted In Canada
>>> Note that none of these men were actually arrested; instead they were deported to the United States and are still at large. Check out the links for more on GSPC.

Ahmadinejad's Mein Kampf >>> A sobering comparison between the Iranian president and Adolf Hitler.

Al-Qaeda's Internal Debate
>>> It's important to understand the necessity of an actual physical location from which the Jihad can base itself. Surely the idea of 'liberating' any part of Iraq or Afghanistan is far-fetched, but there is certainly a good amount of 'prime real estate' for al-Qaeda in places like Syria, Pakistan, Somalia and Iran. Of course, more clandestine establishments could be easily constructed in Germany, France and the UK, though it is probable that they already exist.

Iraq Update
>>> The Fourth Rail has the details on what's new in Iraq.


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