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French Riots Continue
>>> The Belmont Club provides a view of the riots in comparison to other notable urban battles, and how the tactics of the French youth are quite similar.

Police Find Bomb-Making Factory >>> No, this is not Iraq. This is France.

Nuclear Bombs For Dummies >>> Why these kinds of websites are allowed to operate is puzzling, but perhaps there's something working beneath the surface. It's possible to track people who visit the site, but with 57,000 hits where do you start?

Snipers vs. IEDs >>> Note the amount of freedom that the sniper teams have in engaging their targets. While obviously they relay information up the command chain, it's their choice when and where to pull the trigger. They simply wait for hostile intent, which can include anything from a guy digging a hole alongside a road to a man with binoculars observing the sniper team or any other friendly forces in the area. No doubt this freedom amounts to a great deal of the effectiveness of the sniper team.


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