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French Riots Continue >>> Wretchard continues to provide excellent coverage of the riots, and the map at the bottom of his post is a startling example of how widespread these riots really are.

Spread to Germany? >>> This is not surprising. Given that many of the rioters in France are impressionable teenagers who are having the time of their lives setting cars on fire, the kids in Germany must be feeling a little left out of the action.

Steel Curtain - Day 3 >>> We'll just have to wait and see what kind of response al-Qaeda musters.

Video of Steel Curtain
>>> CNN has a nice video report of the combat in Husaybah. There is excellent footage of Iraqi forces in training, and Steel Curtain is put in its proper context as part of the overall Anbar campaign.

The Jimmy Massey Story >>> His stories were hardly investigated by the media outlets that reported them, and now this guy has people believing him. And how did this guy ever make it to staff sergeant in the Marines?

Jamaat ul-Fuqra Returns >>> Once again, The Baron ventures out into rural Virginia.

There's More >>> The Politics of CP takes Baron's findings and uncovers some interesting leads.


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