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Car-B-Q >>> Wretchard continues to lead the field in his reporting on the French riots. Note that the graph is measuring the total Car-B-Qs PER DAY, not the running total since the riots began. The total number of Car-B-Qs is somewhere over 5,000. Now let's assume that each car cost 10,000 US dollars, which is a fairly conservative number. That would total 50 million US dollars in damage just from the destroyed cars.

CT Down Under >>> Whether any 'catastrophic act of terrorism' was prevented or not is unclear, but the 17 or so arrests made yesterday have already inspired a new series of raids, and the wheels of Australian CT are turning. We'll see what they produce. Read more about the raids here. Note the Molotov cocktail reference in the last paragraph. Sound familiar?

Al-Qaeda Demands End Of Steel Curtain
>>> Oh. I'm sorry. Were we bothering you?

Middle Eastern Air Forces >>> It should be noted that while Syria seems to have a greater number of aircraft compared to it's neighbors, they are certainly the most antiquated.

Iran Protests UAV Flights >>> It would be interesting to hear if there are UFO sightings coming out of Iran.


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