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Suicide Attacks In Jordan >>> At this point, information is still coming in, but don't be surprised to see the name 'Zarqawi' turn up eventually.

JI Bomb-Maker Killed >>> There is a great deal of background information in this article, most of notable of which is that fact that Azahari was a university lecturer and had a PhD, making him another example of the higher education prevalent in many terrorist groups.

Indonesian Terror Training Camp >>> It can reasonably be assumed that Azahari had some connection to this camp. Perhaps they discovered its location from information found in his residence, or maybe he even taught bomb-making skills there. The geographics of an archipelago like Indonesia make it quite easy for small camps like these to evade detection by the Indonesian government.

Operation Steel Curtain Completed
>>> As Col. Davis mentioned, construction is underway on facilities to enable a permanent presence of Coalition and ISF forces in the region, thereby bringing the 'clear and hold' phase of the Anbar Campaign to yet another town.

Chaos Over Iraq
>>> The downside of technology. Whoops.


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