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Balkan Islamists Behind Israel Bombing >>> Another example of how globalization is not just limited to Starbucks and McDonalds.

The IAEA and Iran >>> When I first reported the 'Iran is months away from a bomb' story last week, the additional 2 years it would take to bring the Natanz plant online was missing. My mistake for not researching the story further, I'll start double-checking Drudge's stuff. However, el-Baredei's prediction is still the shortest timeline from an official source, making his attempts to 'cool brinkmanship' awfully ironic.

Good News From Iraq >>> Note that these improvements are all within a fairly small region of Iraq, and are not indicative of the total progress being made in the entire country.

The Wild West of Anbar >>> Bill Roggio on the ever-changing face of Iraq and how the Coalition is responding.

Election Posters In Iraq >>> Iraq the Model takes us around Baghdad for a tour through the sea of campaign posters.


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