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Belgian Couple Arrested For Plotting Suicide Attack >>> This comes after another Belgian couple attempted a suicide bombing in Iraq on November 9th. That attack failed when her VBIED failed to kill anybody and he was shot in the head by US forces. Why all the CT in Belgium? Background here.

And In Kenya >>> This is an interesting development for Africa. Excepting the 1998 Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania and the more frequent attacks in Egypt, Morocco, and Algeria, the continent is largely free of suicide-style attacks. The arrest of three Ethiopian bombers who apparently wished to target South Africa is a radical new dynamic in Africa.

96% Of Suicide Bombers Are Foreigners
>>> This number seems very high, but keep in mind that suicide attacks are almost always undertaken by foreign fighters, as they are typically more radical--they traveled from Belgium or wherever just to blow themselves up--and they are inexperienced, which makes their death a relatively minor loss in terms of insurgent assets. This should not be used indicate the number of foreign fighters in Iraq--which is far from clear--but rather what particular method they tend to choose when carrying out their attacks. The same thing is now happening in the 'Stan.

Jamaat ul-Everywhere >>> Baron Bodissey takes another trip to rural Virginia. This is a must read. So read it.

F/A/R/C/E-22 Raptor >>> This is getting just a bit ridiculous. The hype surrounding the F-22 is just a bit nauseating, considering we won't ever need the thing unless we find ourselves at war with China. As for cutting the F-35 in favor of the Raptor, Murdoc sums it all up here.

Speaking Of China >>> This will be China's first aircraft carrier. The United States has twenty-four of them, and one of our normal Nimitz carriers is substantially larger than China's. So why do we keep hearing that a US-China brawl would end with us having to learn Mandarin? (Hat tip: DV)

New Zealand's Super Weapon >>> Sorry. I couldn't resist.


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