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Terrorism And Latin America >>> With a massive drug industry, large areas of inhospitable terrain, and poor central government authority, Central and South America are already pristine environments for operating a terrorist group, as groups like FARC and AUC--these guys have helicopter gunships!--have shown. Whether the radical Islamic variety has jumped on the bandwagon remains to be seen.

F-22: Return To Simplicity?
>>> It remains to be seen what the balance will be between F-22s and F-35s. Both are representative of a different kind of war, and it is unclear what kind of threats the next 20 years will bring. Of course, chances are we won't see the threat until it's upon us. So how about half-and-half?

US Meets Recruitment Goals >>> The standard branches--the guys doing most of the fighting--exceeded their goals, while the Reserves and Guard units fell short. However, the Army National Guard did quite well.


  • From the article "Radical Islam in Latin America": The Tri-Border Area (TBA) that binds Puerto Iguazu, Argentina; Ciudad del Este, Paraguay; and Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, is another center of lawlessness and lucrative criminal activity in South America that includes Russian and Asian gangs, in addition to South American criminal syndicates. Hezbollah is reported to operate extensive operations involving fundraising and money laundering amidst the region’s sizeable Arab community in the TBA.
    About two years ago, this fact was mentioned in a major news magazine; I can't remember which one. I haven't seen much about this fact lately.
    All the more reason to control the borders! Instead, day-laborer centers are operating all over the United States, and many of those workers are illegals. Who knows who might be amongst them?

    PS: I post rather frequently about Islam. I should have a new post on that topic up on my blog on Friday, December 16.

    By Blogger Always On Watch, at December 14, 2005 5:11 AM  

  • Just letting you know that you have an excellent site here!

    Toward the bottom of the right sidebar. I've listed your site at The Truth Project, an information site which isn't enabled for comments. However, you can contact me by accessing the email at Truth in "About Me: View My Complete Profile," at the top of the right sidebar. We invite readers to submit book reviews or other suggestions via email. In fact, that's how we got all the Hindu-Sikh information.

    By Blogger The Truth Teller, at December 14, 2005 5:47 AM  

  • Always and Truth Teller, thanks for stopping by and dropping me a line. I'll make sure to check out your respective blogs.

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