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On The Eve Of The Iraqi Elections >>> Wretchard on the Iraqi Vote: Part Three

Murtha >>> I've so far refrained from commenting on the recent statements of US Representative John Murtha for a simple reason: What's the big deal? The media made him out to be a pro-military guy who recently turned against the War in Iraq, but in fact he's held that position for months, and he advocated the same type of withdrawal from Somalia in 1993. Not much of a story, if you ask me. However, this article written by a US soldier--and linked to by Gates of Vienna--caught my attention enough to get a link.

Inside The Wolf Brigade >>> 'An Iraqi approach to Iraqi problems.'


Air Marshals To Patrol Land And Sea Transport >>> A number of individuals have expressed some doubt that 'air marshals' should also be assigned to other forms of transportation because they are 'air' marshals. Seriously, people. They should probably change their name to just 'marshals' or something, but the details aren't really important. In truth, the tactics of an air marshal aren't limited to the cabin of a jetliner. In fact, a bus or a train has a similar interior layout that a passenger jet has. But beyond that, marshals are trained to make tactical decisions in all situations. They aren't just limited to linear close quarters interdiction.


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