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NSA Surveillance: Benefits >>> I'm somewhat surprised that this NSA eavesdropping story is receiving so much press. They have always been in the SIGINT business, and unlike other intelligence methods SIGINT is extremely broad-based. There is a great deal of information collected and there is often little discrimination in where that information is coming from, making privacy somewhat difficult. In fact, the NSA is only a part of an international SIGINT network known as ECHELON, which intercepts over 3 billion communications every day. There's no way that all 3 billion aren't from private citizens.

British CT Operations Up 75%
>>> The claim by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the United States 'rounded up hundreds of Muslim Americans with little debate or dissent is ridiculous. First of all, the hundreds of 'enemy combatants' or what-have-you that have been detained since 9/11 are not 'Muslim-Americans' (read: US citizens). There have been a few of these--such as Jose Padilla--but not 'hundreds'. Furthermore, the idea that these detentions--both US citizens and otherwise--didn't trigger debate or dissent is both incorrect and stupid.

British Intel: London Bombers Not A Threat
>>> This is extremely important, so read this very carefully: Stories such as this one are exactly why you see an increased atmosphere of suspicion towards the people by the government after terrorist attacks. As with the Able Danger debacle, the idea that 'we had these guys ahead of time' is going to eliminate any benefit of the doubt in any future situation. Suspects will be assumed guilty before proven innocent. Not because of some Orwellian police state mentality, but because nobody wants to repeat the mistakes of the past. In CT, mistakes = dead people. It is pure Pavlovian conditioning, and people need to realize why.

Al-Qaeda And Iran: Friends Or Foes? >>> As with the Iraq-al-Qaeda connection, 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend.'

A History Of Precision Weapons >>> A cool little background on the mainstay of modern air support. Tesla rules!


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