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Ahmadinejad and Hitler >>>
Another great piece of historical allegory by Baron Bodissey. Mark Twain sums it up the best: "History does not repeat itself. It rhymes."

Iraqi Democracy >>> Note that the Sunni turnout for the December election was 80%. Yes, the Sunni turnout. Even more remarkable is that they appear to have voted overwhelmingly for a Shiite! That's an even bigger democratic faux pas than voting across party lines! They are putting an EXTREMELY volatile religious schism behind them and voting in favor of a greater Iraqi nationalism, an idea that is still in its infancy! This is a sterling example of democracy. I believe, without a single reservation, that Iraq has a far brighter future than this country does. American economic muscle and military prowess are fleeting when compared to the grand scale of the ebb and flow of history. When a state that is governed by the people finds itself in a situation where those people--the very lifeblood of the nation itself--are too complacent to exert their rights to shape their country, that state is not only nearing its extinction, it is already brain-dead.


  • It would be surprisingly intelligent for the Sunnis to vote for the secular Shia candidates. By throwing their weight behind the secularists, they might blunt the power of the theocrats. Almost too intelligent to be believed, actually.

    I hope they get past all the accusations of vote fraud and form a government soon--preferably one with fairly even representation for all groups. Iraq is still in a lot of danger, until most citizens of all groups accept that they are all Iraqis, and stop trying to retrieve a dead past.

    By Blogger al fin, at December 19, 2005 2:59 PM  

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