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Al-Qaeda Rejects Algerian Recruits >>> If true, this is another example of the difficulty faced by Western intelligence agencies in penetrating the ranks of al-Qaeda.

'Wiped Off The Map' >>> Remember that the uproar over Ahmadinejad's comment was purely concerning his threat towards Israel, but as this post--which is over a month old--points out, the United States was also singled out as a target. As DoctorZin mentions, "Why is no one taking these threats seriously?"

Iraqi Commandos >>> As tough as their training is, the real test for all of these troops is the fight against the insurgency in their own country.

Sorting Out The Iraqi Election >>> Omar and Mohammed at Iraq the Model have found an interactive online 'electionnaire' to make it easier for Iraqis to figure out which candidates they should vote for. It's worth noting that Mohammed, Omar and their two friends--a total of two Sunnis and two Shiites--all think along the lines of the two major Kurdish parties. I took the quiz, and so did I.

Go Big Or Go Home? >>> I am obligated to mention my past prediction that the XM8 will return, and it will be chambered for the 6.8mm cartridge.


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