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IAEA Confirms: Iran Months Away From A Nuke >>> Well, this is a surprise in light of the optimistic reports shown here and here. The Israelis have repeatedly said that Iran was only months away from developing nuclear weapons, but the IAEA's confirmation adds a great deal of weight to their claim. Former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, currently campaigning for the leadership of the Israeli Likud Party, has remarked that he would support a pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear program (more info here), though recent US military studies have ruled such a strike extremely difficult, if not impossible. And one more thing: As of yet, I have seen no coverage of the IAEA confirmation in any of the TV news networks or newspapers. Go figure.

The River War In Iraq
>>> Bill Roggio reports from Iraq on his time with the company of Marines guarding the critical Haditha Dam.

Israeli Arrow Test Successful >>> There are a number of excellent links at the bottom of this post for those of you looking for additional information.

Long-Distance Warriors >>> Behind every UAV is a pilot. Time Magazine goes behind the scenes in Nellis Air Force base outside Las Vegas, Nevada and sheds some light on the people behind victories like this. Note that while the article mentions the Predator can carry two Hellfire missiles, newer versions can carry up to fourteen.


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