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Insurgents Using Chemical Weapons--On Themselves? >>> There's a lot of background information to be sorted through here, but the drug-use theme is nothing new. Heroin use among insurgents is remarkably high and most people seem surprised to hear this, given the fact that they didn't see it on the nightly news.

Azerbaijani Troops In Iraq >>> An excellent example of the 'Coalition of the Willing'.

Afghans Optimistic About Their Future >>> There are numerous different poll questions, and the results give an insightful look at the state of Afghanistan today.

Air Marshal Kills Passenger In Miami >>> The Counterterrorism Blog has the best summary of what happened and why. If the reports are true, then the response of the air marshal(s) was certainly justified, but witness reports of police action is disappointing. Eyewitness accounts indicated that they secured the plane with weapons raised and pointed at the passengers. (This is extremely reckless. Weapons need to be aimed downwards with the safety disengaged and finger outside the trigger guard until firing the weapon becomes necessary.) One passenger reported that he was instructed to turn around by an officer who pressed a shotgun barrel against the back of his head. (Aside from the obvious danger/psychological trauma involved with this tactic, you would have to be a complete idiot to choose a shotgun for a crowded environment like an airplane cabin.) The police either need some serious firearms training or at least a shot of common sense.

Truckers vs. Terror >>> Why not?

American Airlines Flight 612 >>> This is the full thread at the Free Republic internet forum concerning the report of a passenger jet out of LAX sighting what appeared to be a surface-to-air missile on November 28th.
It is quite long, so don't bother reading it all unless you want to know absolutely everything. Most notable is an audio clip of a conversation between the aircraft and the LAX tower.

Russia Set To Dominate Portable Anti-Armor Market
>>> Compared to the archaic RPG-7s in use in Iraq, these RPG-26/27s are formidable anti-tank weapons. Also note the minimal presence of the Chinese in the international production market. Why? Because they could buy them just as easily from Russian firms.

Myths About Military Recruits
>>> Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!


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