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In Contact >>> Wretchard takes a comprehensive look into the Iran situation and its inherent complexities. The post pretty much speaks for itself, but the Herald article mentioned is a must-read, and worth a second mention. You can check it out here. Also, Victor Davis Hanson provides another must-read on the issue, and I've added him to the 'People You Need To Read' category below.

Surge In Disposable Phone Sales >>> What's so interesting about this issue is the behavior of the suspects, four of whom were actually arrested. The Midland, Texas Police Report referenced by the ABC News article, can be viewed here in PDF format. Two things are worth noting: First is the statement that "actions observed by officers at the onset of the contact prompted the notification of local FBI officials". It is not clear what these 'actions' might have been, but they were apparently worth mentioning to the Feds. Second of all--and this is merely a little strange--the incident occurred at 0036 hours (just after midnight for normal people). If you're a terrorist trying to buy disposable phones without raising suspicion, why do it at midnight?

Austrian Sniper Rifles For Iran >>> Frustrating, but sadly inevitable.

Iraq Update >>> Bill Roggio on the latest developments in Iraq. Lots of links, but worth following. Also, he covers the conflict between Iraqi insurgents and foreign al-Qaeda fighters in Red-on-Red: The Hidden War In Iraq.


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