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Mexican Military Crossing US Border >>> Absolutely outrageous. Illegal immigrants is one thing, armed soldiers from another sovereign nation is another. While my first instinct is to call for the deployment of troops to whack these guys when they cross the border--bring the 10th SOG down from Fort Carson!--I suppose some degree of restraint is in order. Whoever's in charge, fix this.

Reporter Moved To Become A Marine >>> With my recent rant against military ignorance in journalism, this was a refreshing thing to hear. There are a lot of soldiers turned reporters, and many of them are actually quite good--Michael Yon, for instance--but there are very few reporters turned soldiers. Good for him.

US Strike Killed Al-Qaeda Bombmaker >>> What has been largely ignored in this story is that we did kill some bad guys. I'm not saying it was a clean strike and I'm not saying that it was the right play (tactically speaking), but killing bad guys is still awfully important. The rest is arguable. The CT Blog has some nifty photos.

Excellent New Blog >>> The other day I ran across Arms and Influence, a blog concerning the politics of war and other issues of that nature. It is well written and presented in a linear format, so you can look through the left margin and literally read it from its beginning. It's definitely worth your time; I'll add it to my blog listings shortly.

SEALs See Strange Animal In Africa
>>> Not really an important story, but there are two points of interest: First, what kind of creature is this? Secondly, what were we doing in the DRC?


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