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New Bin Laden Tape >>> The guy is still alive. Either he's out in the caves somewhere, lugging around a generator and a dialysis machine, or huddled in a safe house in Karachi or Islamabad. As for the sentiment that we're safer because we haven't had an al-Qaeda attack since September 2001, remember that the previous attack on US soil before that was in 1993. So we've got an eight-year gap to close before we can say that attacks--on our soil at least--have decreased. 9/11 was not some opening salvo; this war has been going on since 1972 or 1979, take your pick. 9/11 was simply the first time we decided to fight back.

Ahmadinejad >>> An excellent psychological profile of Iran's President and his religious beliefs by a trained psychiatrist. A must-read.

Mexican Border Incursions >>> Like they did with Jamaat ul-Fuqra--which hasn't gone anywhere!--Gates of Vienna is again taking the lead in covering this issue. Good work Baron and Dymphna.

Speaking of Jamaat ul-Fuqra >>> CP covers the possible al-Qaeda connections of Jamaat ul-Fuqra. Note the first line of the post has three links to past al-Qaeda/JF associations. Check them all out.

Damadola Strike >>> Bill Roggio details the final result of the missile strike in Pakistan and its turbulent evolution. It was originally hoped to have claimed the live of Ayman al-Zawahiri, then was decried for its civilian casualties, and now is being praising for eliminating several al-Qaeda members.


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