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Aircraft Carriers >>> I've made a few comments in the past concerning the enormous disparity between the naval power of the United States and, well.... everyone else. Most of the time, the argument is a hypothetical US vs. China match-up, but in all of these cases I've cited the number of aircraft carriers as the chief indicator of US naval supremacy. has the proof.

Joel Stein >>> I thought this blurb from Phil Carter at Intel Dump--who is currently serving with the US Army in Iraq--is the best response to Joel Stein's article about why he doesn't support the troops. I wasn't originally planning on commenting about this story--it really isn't much of a story; the conservative bloggers are making far too big a deal about it--but a few people have asked me what I thought, so here goes: First of all, Stein's article is a simple attempt to get some attention. A lot people had no idea who Joel Stein was a few days ago. Maybe a few of us knew he was a humor columnist--that's right, a humor columnist--for the LA Times. Now he's famous, thanks to the emotionally charged opening line in an otherwise bland piece of political satire. Well played, Mr. Stein. (
Does this remind anybody else of The Producers?) However, I do have to give him points for honesty. A lot of people "don't support the war", but quickly dilute their opinion with a somber"but I do support the troops", often whether they mean it or not. Reckless charges of anti-Americanism by many Republicans only serve to make this disclaimer more popular. It's a valid opinion, but it's beyond cliche; a lack of imagination, if you will. Mr. Stein's straightforwardness-- flagrant attention grab or not--is admirable, especially since he knew the kind of hell he would raise. This is the beautiful thing about America: you can say whatever you want--no matter how childish and stupid it is--and then anybody who wants to can beat you to death with your own words.

The Cost of War >>> An excellent report from Security Watchtower on the comparative cost of the Iraq War to past American conflicts. There's even a colorful little chart for the illiterate!


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